A Festival & Field Trip all rolled into one!

Once or twice a year I like to plan a field trip. They almost always involve music and a suitable road trip companion. This year, just as I was about to decide which date I wanted to field trip it up to Yoshi’s to see Dwele perform (again) I was alerted to the news that he would be stopping here in Fresno on his current tour. Because I’m mad skeptical by nature y’all know I had to investigate before I decided it was real. fake oakleys AND…it is indeed the real.

For the first time in five years I won’t be packin my bags and heading out of town on a field trip to see Dwele. Instead I’ll be dusting off my favorite tracks and opening for him at the African American Cultural Museum on Saturday April 18, 2015. That’s right, the fine folks behind the Fresno Jazz & Soul Festival asked yours truly to assist in  providing sounds throughout the event and of fake ray ban sunglasses course I said Yaaasss!

But I’m getting ahead of myself, I feel like I should break down how the event will flow & I tell you who the players are.

Fresno Jazz & Soul Festival Breakdown:

Time / Venue: 1pm-10pm || African American Museum || 1857 Fulton Street Downtown Fresno.

Things get underway mid-afternoon on Saturday April 18th and end in the evening. The concert itself will take place inside the museums outdoor pavilion (you know the outdoor space with the wagon nestled in the corner). All seating is reserved, there will be a raised stage, registration booth, volunteer area as well as wrist bands for those who wish to leave and return later. This process allows for everyone to have an enjoyable in yet comfortable experience.

Retail & Food Vendors : Sacramento Street || Between Fulton & Broadway in front of the outdoor pavilion

Vendors will line both sides of the street ( which will be blocked for the duration of the festival) providing patrons with opportunities to purchase goods and get their grub on during the event. Did I mention that The Happy Black Girl will be hosting a booth? That’s right…Tee-Shirts,Buttons, Dweletines Day Cards…we got it all! Those patrons 21 and over will be able to purchase adult beverages as well.


Jazz & Soul: Local Musicians & DJ’s provide music throughout the event

Here’s a schedule of what your ears have to look forward to. Of course exact times are subject to change w/out notice.

1:00pm: Doors Open

2:00pm: Keysha || R&B/Soul/Jazz


3:30pm: Viper City Brass Band || New Orleans Brass Funk


4:30pm: Espacio || Funk/Rock || Brazilian||Jazz


5:30pm: Ray Moore || R&B || Soul|| Funk || Jazz


7:00pm: JEANETTE HARRIS || Jazz Saxophonist

jazz 7

8:30pm: DWELE !!!


*With DJ SETS throughout the afternoon Provided By:

That’s it…everything you want to know about the festival, save for a few things I can’t for the life of remember to share. If you have additional questions or comments my best suggestion is to contact the person responsible for bringing the entire idea to fruition, Dennis throwback nba jerseys Horn A.K.A Yelosol. Dennis can be reached via all the usual avenues ( conveniently listed below). Also, I’d personally just like to thank him for putting this entire event together and allowing me to be a part of it. I’m honored, excited and most of all I’m proud of him for finally realizing an idea he’s long wanted to execute. Hard work matters and so do those who engage in it. Word.


You can still purchase tickets for the festival via FJSFestival.com or locally at Kocky’s Bar & Grill & Tower District Records. However, quantities are limited and time is running out. So swoop yours today!


one dayDevoya Mayo is Co-Creator of The Happy Black Girl

Get To Know An HBG is her favorite column to write.

You can contact her directly at thehappyblackgirl@gmail.com

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