Yasiin Bey Por Vida

Yasiin Por VidaYou know what I feel like doin today? I feel like giving you this hella swanky glimpse of Yasiin back when he was on that “Be Kind Rewind” tip, hangin out with the director of said film (Michel Gondry) in Paris.

BUT…then again I always feel like sharing Yasiin ‘ish here. Videos, quotes, articles, fresh snapshots, move makin. You name it, I’ve wanted to post it. Which means… maybe it’s about time I just carved out a space for him, for always. I shall deem it “Por Vida” because of course.

Also, his general presence on the planet honestly does help encourage authentic nfl jerseys and inspire me. Is that too much yo? Sorry…it’s how I feel,so no need to sugar coat it. When we get that kinda juice it shouldn’t be temporary. It should be for life. Siempre.

So from now on, whenever the spirit moves me to share all that is the most beautiful boogie man related, that’s exactly what i’m gone do. I’ll always use the image above to alert you as to what’s going on. I feel like you won’t mind a happy black man as a reminder.

Oh…how I love this video. I wanna be here…right now. Le- Sigh. ENJOY!

<span Jazzanooga class=”embed-youtube” style=”text-align:center”>



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