Meet Rasar Amani

In another lifetime ago, I spent my Friday nights tucked away in a studio made of straw. Okay…maybe it wasn’t made of straw, but in the seven years since my departure I’ve come to remember it that way. You know… all big bad wolf huffin and puffin and blowin things down style? No comprende? Well…I’ll save that story for another day then. Let’s see…where was I?

During my tenure as host of my own radio show ( Move on Up) I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the dopest of people. I hand selected folks who were involved, enlightened and most of all, people I felt others would benefit from knowing.

Rasar Amani is one such person. Although at the time of our first meeting he was known under another moniker. None-the less, I have watched his growth from afar and continue to marvel at his methodical abilities.

As of late, my Facebook algorithms have rendered him prominently placed within my timeline, and each time he posts a quip, photo or both, from his current journey through life, I radiate with joy. Seriously!

Butterscotch & Rasar @ Blue Note Jazz Club | Source Ernest Gregory

Butterscotch & Rasar @ Blue Note Jazz Club | Source Ernest Gregory

When I came across his recent TEDx excursion, I screamed and said ( to know one in particular) that’s my friend right there! For some reason, whenever I see him, be it virtually or in person, that’s the first thing that goes through my mind. That’s my friend right there!

I fully intend to be sitting at home one day, watching some award show or program about creatives who didn’t allow mediocrity to water down the message and see Rasar walk on stage to claim his victory. I imagine I’ll scream the same phrase aloud then too. Until that time, I’ll keep on sharing his name, so y’all know too.

Enjoy getting to know Rasar Amani. Spoken Word Artist, Musician, World Traveler, Scholar and Friend~


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