What’chall doin this weekend?

My people, my people! What’chall  doin this weekend?! I realize it’s none of my business, but I felt like I should ask before I start suggestin stuff. I won’t take up much of your time, but I did wanna let you know about a  few things I think you might enjoy.

1. Dear White People

Los Angeles based producer, writer and director Justin Simien slayed folks at Sundance with his debut film Dear White People and starting today you can catch it in limited release on the big screen. By limited… I mean not around my way. Sadly,I don’t live in a city large enough to warrant many limited release films, especially those starring black folks, but maybe you do?

Dear WP

2. Dwele at Yoshi- San Francisco (Swank Part III)

We do not play when it comes to Dwele. If he in the bayWE in the bay! Which means, I’ll probably be packing for my one day field trip by the time you read this. Of course you know I’ll field trip re-cap it for ya’ll just as soon as get back.


3. Ms Badu AKA DJ Low Down Loretta Brown

Late night DJ sets never looked so fresh!!!! In a perfect HBG world, I‘d be kickin it here after the Dwele show, but I have a wedding to attend here at home on Saturday afternoon. In other words, I can’t be out the pocket like I want to. But that don’t mean you can’t make it happen and tell me all about it later! If you do go ask her what this was all about.

badu 2


Ohlast but not least, here’s one more thing to dig this weekenda brand new video from Bilal. Because YOU NEED THIS!!!!





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