Love in Flying Colors all over Cali

Spent a lovely four days kickin it with Starr in New Orleans for Essence Fest. If I tell you my legs, my feet, my feet and my legs hurt… Please believe. But somehow, even after all that music, I’m still excited for The Foreign Exchange Love in Flying Colors Tour. If you haven’t had the chance to check them out live, I can only urge you to quit playin and do it! The whole crew bring it. None of this we only bring our A game to packed out venues. Nahnah none of that. They bring it no matter the place, space or time! I’ve seent it happen with my own two eyes y’all.


Lucky for me the tour stops several times in Cali and me +1 are on the guest list for Friday the 18th at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. BUThave no fearif you live in Fresno you can catch them here as well on Tuesday the 15th at Fulton 55.

In the meantime might I suggest this NPR Tiny Desk Concert to get you in the mood?


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