Goodbye Jet

Earlier this month, Johnson Publishing Company’s Jet Magazine joined the ever growing roll call of periodicals that have made the all digital shift. In other words, the final print edition hit newsstands on June 9 2014.

Jet Magazine

Jet, the small giant of a magazine first emerged in 1951, shortly after the arrival of Ebony. Growing up Jet, Essence & Ebony were constant staples in just about every African American household, beauty shop or waiting room I can remember.

It’s that nostalgia that inspired me to start clipping pages from back issues of magazines I’ve hoarded over the years. Rather than stash them in boxes forever and forget why I’ve kept them in the first place, I’ve started creating collage kits. Within the pages of each issue I get to rediscover fond memories the moment I sit down and start clipping. Sharing them in snippet form makes it all feel more creative for some reason.

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When I learned that Jet would no longer be publishing a hard copy I went about compiling a few special kits. You can find them here. All proceeds go towards this years HBG Picnic. More details on that situation as they progress.





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