Black Power Nap


Photo Source: Starr* Lopez (my baby boy . . . rockin’ the Black power fist. Proper.)

As my inner circle already knows, sleeping is something I do well. When I’m out, I’m OUT y’all. Whenever I announce my plans to climb into bed for a “black power nap” and throw up the deuces, my husband laughs. Let’s be real, my version of a nap is probably longer than most. I’m down for the count, duckin’ from Mr. Charlie for at least an hour (c’mon y’all, it IS a black power nap). But then again, I’ve always been one of those people who just needs more sleep so I can get back to feeling self-determined, refreshed, and ready to fight the good fight.

Last week, the sOL to my Starr* shared an article with me on said topic. Looks like I’m a stage 3 power napper. Which one are you?



Click HERE to peruse the full piece via The Buddhist Vision and see how you can optimize your sleep to best meet your needs.

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HBGStarr*Starr Lopez is Co-Creator of The Happy Black Girl

You can contact her directly at

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