Foods for Healthy Skin

Yesterday I woke up with an arrogant little pimple hangin out around my nose. It was underneath the skin, tender, red & daring me to get reckless enough to pop it. It’s sudden arrival on my face got to me thinking about my skin care regimen. Okay, that’s a lie. It got me to thinking about my lack of skin care regimen.

Because I come from a long line of folks with good skin, I’ve rarely thought about much of anything other than keeping my face clean and using a mositurizer. But adult acne ain’t cute and moisturizing and washing my face doesn’t feel like enough, so yesterday afternoon I took to the internet to seek advice.

food for healthy skin

Nutritionist Wendy Lopez and Registered Dietitian, Jessica Jones. Source | Food Heaven Facebook Page

That’s when I came across the Food Heaven Show. Imagine my heeyyyy gurl surprise at finding HBG’s dispensing knowledge on topics such as skin care, working out and nutrition. Honestly, it was all the stuff I daydream about being both available & affordable to folks like myself via a local community center, workshop or wherever. The bio section of their YouTube page says the following: These nutrition nerds demonstrate how to cook nutrient dense, delicious and affordable plant-based recipes, while providing scientifically sound nutrition information you can trust.

Yep, I’m in heaven!  Please take a moment to check out the video below on skin care. Then, after you done lovin it, subscribe and like them on all the various social networking circles they’re currently involved in. Don’t forget to tell em The Happy Black Girl sent ya!  The movement to being better HBG’s is in full swing. We have no other option but to share the love~



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