Happy Born Day, Sista/ Soul mate!

Last Thursday was national sibling day, I only know this because as I scrolled down my Facebook timeline, I saw photo after photo of young versions of my now adult friends . . . all of which were pretty darn adorable. And then all that scrolling got me thinking about my HBG sista/soul mate, Devoya Mayo. So often folks assume we’ve known each other our whole lives and I wish we had. I imagine us as kids drawing with sidewalk chalk, running the streets (you know, all ‘Crooklyn’ intro’ like . . . people make the world go round, yo). We have a ridiculously long list of things in common (just peep the About Us page), too too many inside jokes and love each other the way siblings ought to.

Devoya is as beautiful and special as they come. She smiles with all kinds of bright and happy. She communicates with uncommon sincerely and purpose, and we have her to thank for articulating regularly what most of us can’t.

Maybe that’s one of the many things I love most about her, those words. Even on halfway days those words are magic! Happy born day, sista/ soul mate!

HBG (4) 4

Devoya Mayo | HBG creator | Sista/ Soul mate

Love love love you!!!



HBGStarr*Starr Lopez is Co-Creator of The Happy Black Girl

You can contact her directly at thehappyblackgirl@gmail.com

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