It’s HBG Muppet Week!

It’s HBG Muppet Week! Over on our Happy Black Girl Facebook page we’ve been sharing everything six degrees of Jim Henson. Here’s a sampling of some of the HBG worthy gems we’ve unearthed thus far.

Monday morning we started things off with Ms Patti takin them Muppets to chuuch!

Monday evening we borrowed a page from Jim Henson’s storytelling handbook and went with Harry Belafonte turning the world around via The Muppet Show. Belafonte also sang Turn the World Around during Jim Henson’s memorial service.

Tuesday morning we welcomed the day with the Pointer Sisters doing the always enjoyable Pinball Count. Interesting sidenote. Years ago Erykah Badu used to do a quick version of this song during some of her live performances. I wish she’d record it fareal thoOne two three FOUR FIVE six seven eight NINE TEN eleven TWELVE!!!

Okay, we’re gonna leave you with these for now and join you again later in the week. If you have a favorite Muppet story, video, song or even a fond Muppet related memory please share it with us in the comments section!

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