Fly D.I.Y baby creations w/ Lori Montano

hbg-burst-smallerWe here at the HBG thrive on the Do it yourself (DIY) attitude! Just check out our semi-regular posts via Pink Stitches if you don’t believe us.

Suffice it to say, once we witnessed the lovely and talented  Happy Brown Girl (HBG) Lori Montano’s super fly baby creations we decided to ask her a few questions.  Below is what she had to say about what prompted her to get busy with the sewing machine while being a first time new mom to her son Cruz. Enjoy~

Lori & Baby Cruz | Source: Leticia Guzman Photography

1. Welcome to the HBG. Please share a few lines about who you are, where ya live and how long you’ve been a mom.  Hello….. I’m a Full time mommy to a beautiful baby boy Cruz. He’s 7 months old. He’s very loving and mellow baby. I’m from Fresno, grew up in the country on a ranch. Growing up was challenging since I spent a lot of time playing alone. Grew up in a house where my mother was a stay at home mom. She was crafty. She loved to crochet and I was taught at a very young age.

2. Do you feel like you’ve always been creative? Yes…. Since I was about 5. Every Saturday my mom would sit me in front of the television to watch Bob Ross. It was very important to her for me to paint and learn how to paint. I always asked for coloring books, paper and crayons for birthdays. I drew family portraits… ha but as I got older I became more hands on with crocheting, knitting and crafts.

3. What prompted you to start making tiny clothes for that gorgeous baby boy of yours? Honestly, it was a labor of love. I wanted to put my mind breaking heart into making anything I can get my hands on for him because I wanted him to grow up and say…. “Yeah, my mom was pretty cool, she made me dope clothes and I was a fly baby.” Ha…. The last time I touched a sewing machine was 15 years ago and I knew I wanted to challenge myself. I was taught the basics from my aunt, but right before Cruz was born, I found a great sewing machine on Craigslist and I had to have it. I practiced and looked up some things on YouTube, got better, a lot better and now it’s been 9 months since I got back in to sewing.  I’ll admit I’m a Pinterest junkie, I would see outfits and I say…. I can make that. I will make that, and it will be original. Made truly with lots of mommy love. It beats 15 to 30 dollar baby clothes that they grow out of so fast. I couldn’t come to pay that much for something so tiny and something I knew I could make. My husband gave me an arts and crafts monthly budget (LOL) if I have fabric to buy I only buy it on sale or with 40-50% coupons. Also, I check the remnant area at JoAnn’s or Walmart. We are very frugal.

Fly Baby Creations courtesy of Lori Montano

Here’s the cost breakdown of my most recent creations:

  • Shopping Cart Cover on Etsy $80 :: Custom version  mycost $16
  • Car seat canopy $10
  • Leggings $ 1.50 for half a yard of fabric
  • Reversible bandana bib $2

4. I have a craft closet full of half done projects. Seriously, how do you make time to whip up vests and bow tie ensembles and still take care of a newborn? (LOL) naps….or I sit him in his high chair and have him watch me and listen to cool music while I do what I do. Also I’m so blessed to have a supporting husband that will give me time to make my creations while he watches him. A lot of these things are made when Cruz is down to sleep. He’s usually in bed for the night by 8pm, thank God.

Bow Tie & Vest Ensemble

 5. What ideas do you have for upcoming projects? I want to create a baby line of graphic t shirts and legging for babies. I have a name in mind but I have to sit down and come up with a couple of slogans that will be printed on my Tees.  More vest and bow ties for sure, distressed jean shorts, suspenders, baby moccasins, a crib sheet and anything else I can I come across.

6. Are you interested in commissioning work should the opportunity arise? Yeah that would be fun. Who doesn’t want fly unique baby items….  

Tiny Moccasins by Lori Montano

7. Where can folks reach you if they have questions? They can email me….







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