Kenya got a white man in her pocket

Kenya (Robinson) is an avid blogger, tumblrer-, and mischievous contributor to the Arts & Culture Section of the Huffington Post. She’s also the inaugural resident for Recess Activities’ online residency ANALOG and a recent MFA graduate from the School of Art at Yale University.

Join us as we follow along on a journey called #whitemaninmypocket

Day 6: December 28 2013

Morning hustle @ Chock Full O Nuts

At Century 21 Home Goods and Shoes on some Goldilocks Steez

this one’s too hard…

this one’s too soft…

but before thangs had a chance to get “just” right

the three bears came home and things went wrong…





”She understood what Emma Goldman understood: there has to be laughter and fun at the revolution, or it isn’t a revolution.”– Gloria Steinem on Feminist, Activist and Lawyer Florynce Kennedy.

All #whitemaninmypocket images are used courtesy of Kenya (Robinson). 

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