Kwanzaa Principles (Day 4)

We’re at the half-way mark of this week’s series. Today Sunday December 29th 2013 let’s take a moment to celebrate the fourth principle of Kwanzaa.

Ujamaa (OO-JAH-MAH): Cooperative Economics highlights our collective economic strength and encourages us to build, maintain and support our own establishments. 

An example of today’s principle comes to us by way of Renina Jarmon, blogger, author and internet strategist. She recently created a list of Indie Black Girl Projects. It’s this kind of work that emphasizes each tenet we’ve shared this week and then some. We’re honored and happy to be included in the list. We’re ready for the move makin that’s about to jump off too! The movement is happening y’all. 

During the seven nights of Kwanzaa, it is customary to light one candle in a colorful candle holder called a Kinara. Each of the candles represents one of the key principles at the center of the holiday. If you’ve followed along this week I’ve been trying my hand at explaining which candle to light and when. BUTI’m gonna leave that out today, because I’ve mixed myself up. I have a book that explains it here at home that I follow, but when I look it up on-line it’s not the same process. So I think I’ll leave that out and if you’re interested you can source the info that works best for you. Can’t have y’all makin fun of me for messin up your Kwanzaa flow.



Source: Kwanzaa Printables





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