Hot Chocolate Nutcracker

Remember the lovely Ms Jennifer Brewer? We introduced her to y’all by way of Get to Know An HBG recently. Well…the story doesn’t end there. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s just begun. Jennifer continues to impress and inspire with all the things she involves herself in and dedicates her time to. This is a young woman who knows her strengths and builds upon them. If we can’t be proud of that then we doin somethin wrong!

Here we have Jennifer with Sundance Film Festivals first African American Best Director Prize recipient Ava DuVernay. I know right?!!!

Sometimes when I catch a glimpse of her activities I find myself wishing I would of had someone like her around back when I was heavy into attending culturally diverse events. I say that because I often rolled solo cuz folks require too much hand holding sometimes. But mostly I say this because I just love being in the company of real HBG’s and it feels like there’s a shortage around my way.

Anyway, I asked Jennifer to share some snaps she took during this year’s Hot Chocolate Nutcracker. Wait, let me back up. She actually checked herself in on Facebook at said event and the name piqued my interest so I messaged her and here we are.


Source| Jennifer Brewer

In a nutshell (pun fully intended) Debbie Allen has produced, written, directed and choreographed her very own adaptation of the beloved holiday classic The Nutcracker. The performance takes place at Royce Hall UCLA and boasts a diverse cast of musicians tackling the music of Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Last week marked the 4th year of the performance and Jennifer invited some friends to join her for the show. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yep, next year we’re goin on a field trip and see this in person too! You’ve been warned Jennifer!


Source| Jennifer Brewer







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