Common Vision + Stipend + Job Training = More Trees!


The fine folks over at Common Vision are currently organizing the Winter Tree planting tour. Common Vision has been around for a decade planting fruit trees and working to improve food security in public schools. The school orchard program, famous throughout the state as the Fruit Tree Tour, has directly impacted 80,000 students, transformed over 180 low income schools and community centers into abundant orchards with the planting of over 4,800 fruit trees. Basically, It’s a 6 week tour of California on a biodiesel bus planting trees in public schools!  C’mon now!!!!

common v bus

Plant More Trees! | Source Common Vision

With my long standing LOVE of trees ( I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to them) it would be impossible for me not to share this awesome opportunity to get involved with you all.

Common Vision

Hands on learning | Source Common Vision

This year the organization is offering an added bonus of a $1000 stipend as well as an all expense paid job training along with the tour. What that means is If you know anyone who may be interested or may benefit from the valuable job training, educational and environmental hands on work, please share the information with them. Applicants should reside in the following cities: San Diego, Santa Barbara, L.A, Richmond and Oakland. Crossing my fingers the folks behind this endeavor consider coming to the Central Valley at some point. The HBG would LOVE to partner with them! Okay…now for the logistics. Oh and don’t forget to share the love people!


If you’d like an Application download here!





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