Workshop Rewind

Gettin crafty HBG style | Photo Devoya Mayo

Well…we did it! We held our first official HBG workshop last weekend. If you’ve just joined us let me give you a quick recap.

A few months back we decided we’d like to provide a social setting for folks to express their creativity, imagination, thoughts and concerns with souls from diverse communities.

So we came up with Happy Re-Imagined. A series of workshops that encourage (by example) the idea that being happy is attainable and can be re-imagined on one’s own terms. Our goal is to host gatherings where we teach folks how to appreciate everyday things in a re-mixed light. If you’d like more information on the series you can click here. The next installment will be a letter writing workshop in January 2014 titled “Sho you write”. More about that soon.

Deanna has mad collage skills | Photo Devoya Mayo

Anyway, we had a small group roll through for our Mood Board workshop last weekend. Thoughtfulness, good energy and positive intentions were everywhere. After it was all said and done I whipped up this video to show y’all how it all went down. Mad shouts to my boy K. Pizzle for keeping me supplied with a steady stream of background beats and such. Can’t risk gettin sued for using someone else’s joints. The hustle is real. Peep the video & visit us often!



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