Things I want this week…

Yesterday morning ( Monday) I sat at my desk with absolutely zero direction. That rarely happens unless…

  1. I’ve been sick
  2. I’ve got too many projects and I can’t decide which deserves priority
  3. I’m tired
  4. I haven’t had coffee
  5. It’s cold outside & I wanna be on my couch

The funny thing is, all those factors were involved. So without trying to get too analytical about what my next steps were I just released the following tweet into the universe:

a good conversation. new flavors of tea. write a letter. a real dinner. good sleep. rain. new shoes. more focus.– things i want this week

You know what happened next? Well…first

Yellow envelopes & paper treats! Photo By: Devoya Mayo

I came home to a beautiful yellow envelope from Japan. My friend Andrew lives there with his wife and daughter. He teaches English. When he’s not doing all the things that make him a good father, husband, friend and teacher he apparently scans our humble site and digs it! Do you know how happy that makes me?! He even went so far as to comment that he enjoys that everything has a positive spin to it. Props to Happy Brown Guys who get it! Palabra~


Anyway, everything was all wrapped in the most beautiful Japanese paper. Inside there was a lovely package of traditional green tea, a letter and two lovely handmade paper treats that will now act as my business card holders. I might of let out an HBG shout of appreciation. I’m not proud of it, but yes, I like presents that much.

This handmade gift is ordinarily used to hold bullet train tickets. Photo: Devoya Mayo

Later that evening, I ditched my work clothes for a comfy sweater and big hair and went to meet Kendall. You know what happened next? Yep…a good conversation! In true Devoya fashion it may not have been linear or weighed down in particularly important topics, but it was fun and insightful and truth be told, this ain’t always plentiful when your circle is small. I’m not complaining mind you. I know I’m picky and I’m okay with that. Just stating the facts.

So there you have it. I tweeted my intentions on Monday for the week and I’ve already started to reap the rewards. I think I may start doing this more often. We should do it together. It ain’t gotta be on twitter…you know what I mean…






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