Let’s reinvent happiness together

Collage Love | Source: Deanna Cope

Happy Re: Imagined: Workshop Series

Session 1: Mood Board Workshop

Words By: Guest Blogger Deanna Cope

Words have always been my friends. We go way back… To the beginning, to the point where I first learned to write them and put together ideas. We would spend every single day together, in the pages of my notebooks, on little pieces of paper, I would swim between the lines and they would follow.

They would come with me to places in my imagination that others wouldn’t dare travel. That’s what I loved about them. They were unafraid.  They understood. And I became attached. If a day went by without words having been written, I would somehow feel incomplete. I would go into the night with a feeling of unrest. Words needed to be written. Ideas needed to be extracted. Out of my head and onto the paper, so my mind could rest. Every day I would feel the need to create, and wasn’t at peace until I did.

Lately, as it has been, I have been writing a little less and wanting a little more… Something has been missing.  I can’t help but think that there must be more out there, that I haven’t reached my full potential, that the universe has much more to offer, and I have yet to grab hold.  I am constantly seeking, sometimes aimlessly, sometimes frantically, in my best efforts to recognize what it is that I want.  The only real answer I have come up with is Happiness.

HBG Collage Kits | Source: Devoya Mayo

Now, I know happiness is a state of mind (or so I’ve heard) and we have the ability to “choose” to be happy… But for some reason, that seems so far fetched. Life tends to get in the way at times. Maybe my will is down. Maybe I haven’t yet mastered the art of “choosing happiness.” So I have set out on a quest to learn vehemently and masterfully, how to make this a natural part of life. Forever dispel the negative thought process that comes with the struggle.  Lately, I have been finding comfort in colors and visual representations of joy and happiness. I have noticed that certain images provoke positive feelings and make me feel good, like anything is possible, like there is magic and miracles swirling around in the atmosphere, just waiting for their moment to arrive at my feet. I am ready for this moment. And I imagine, many others out there are just as ready.

So I wonder, if we were to surround ourselves with the colors and images, thoughts and words, ideas and vibrations of things that make us feel good, would we be able to “reinvent” happiness? Could we breathe that magic into our worlds and make our lives what we have always wanted them to be? I would like to test the theory. I want to master the art, to be happy! To find out if it’s possible to vibrate at a constant love frequency…which happens to be a measurable 528 Hz!


Rumi Light Box Made By: Deanna Cope

The HBG has arranged a workshop that will facilitate this learning process to reinvent and maintain our own happiness. One of the ways we will do this is by utilizing color and images and the art that speaks to us, as well as accessing our own inner powers to create a strong intent to feel great!

The first session Re: Imagine Happiness ( Mood Board Workshop) takes place on Saturday November 16th At the Lion of Judah. All the information is listed below on the flyer.  I hope you find time in your schedule and are able to join us~



Deanna Cope is a huge supporter and contributor to the arts.

She’s been instrumental in the development of the Mood Board Workshop.

We’re absolutely thrilled that she’s part of the movement!

Most days you can find her making awesome stuff, daydreaming or both!







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