Black Female Voices: bell hooks & Melissa Harris-Perry

Not sure if y’all know this about me or not but I have always loved a good lecture. I know, sounds odd but it’s true. Earlier today my twitter timeline started announcing the arrival of Melissa Harris-Perry & bell hooks to the New School for a Public Conversation. That’s all the information I required for google to assist me in findin out what was up.

Melissa Harris-Perry

Melissa Harris-Perry (Credit: MSNBC/Heidi Gutman)

bell hooks

bell hooks (credit:

What I found was manna. A live event titled “Black Female Voices: Who is Listening – A public dialogue between bell hooks + Melissa Harris-Perry”. So as you can plainly see, I had no choice in the matter. The subject alone was callin my name. My afternoon was planned and I was ready.

You on the other hand have a choice. You can either get with this now. Or get with it later. It’s a little over an hour long, but it feels shorter than that. You’ll feel like a new person after you’ve watched. Or maybe that’s just how I get down. Either way, promise me you’ll give it a moment or two of your time, because you deserve it- devoya



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