Mood Board Workshop

The Happy Black Girl is a lifestyle choice, a movement, a way to celebrate who we are. It’s necessary, some would even say it’s long overdue.

With the HBG Workshop series our goal is to encourage (by example) the idea that happiness is attainable and can be re-imagined on one’s own terms.  Furthermore we firmly believe our happiness (or lack thereof) to be a wellness issue.   When our collective mind, body and spirit equation is out of balance our energy level, focus and creativity ( among other things) all suffer.

By designing an environment in which creativity, mutual respect and learning take shape, we hope to rejuvenate the mind, body, spirit, and overall wellness.

Our first workshop in the series takes place this Saturday November 16th 2013 at the Lion of Judah Meeting Hall. All the details are listed below. We hope you’ll join us!



Design By: Ms Valerie Scott

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