It’s time to rock the right bra!

I can’t stand buying bra’s. It has a lot to do with cost. Nothing I rock ever costs under $40. In my opinion any under garment that costs more than a cute handbag from Ross does, sooo needs to fit right. Which brings me to the other reason I dislike buying bra’s. The sizing is usually impossible to maneuver.

Busty Girl Problems Comic | Source Rampage

Because I’m busty ( I don’t think I’ve ever used that word in a sentence before) I tend to walk around thinking I’m the only one with bra issues. In recent years I’ve come to learn It ain’t true y’all. In my case bust size isn’t the culprit. It’s not knowing what my CORRECT bust size is, that get’s me in trouble. I admit it. I sometimes trick myself into thinking the girls are smaller than they are just so I won’t have to walk to the section marked (and more sizes). Stores act like they ain’t got time for the rest of the alphabet!  Why is a wall for DD cool but every letter after that gotta be shamefully tucked into a bin underneath all the cute hangin bra’s? C’mon now.

When I pull rookie moves like grabbin whatever is on sale without trying them on, my shoulder blades and back pay the ultimate price for it later on. It took years for me to learn it doesn’t have to be this way. I stopped guessing a few years ago and now I get a bra fitting at least once a year. Before you ask, yes I was off. Waaayyy the hell off. I was surprised by how much. But once the initial shock was over & I got the lift I needed everythang was cool. I encourage you to take control of your girls and get em in the right place too. It makes a world of difference.

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Busty Girl Problems Comic | Source Rampage

Most specialty shops offer bra fittings as part of their service. I go get mine done at Lane Bryant. But retailers like Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret offer the service as well. If you find out differently, please let me know!

Below you’ll find something I sourced online. They’ve created a great list of rules. Thought it went well with the topic at hand. Check them out for more information at

The Curvy Girls Guide to Universal Cup Sizing (UCS)
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