You can plan a pretty picnic…

It happened on a Sunday. My favorite day of the week. It was beautiful. Our first HBG event. Everything, in its right place.

Best welcome sign ever! | Source Joe Osejo

Lovely Ms Amber in all the way from L.A | Source Joe Osejo

Tracy, Steve & Hunter Eve! They had the freshest vintage picnic basket too | Source Joe Osejo

Marissa (Get to know an HBG) Butler! | Source Jose Osejo

Camille need to quit playin & teach me how to pose for pictures | Source Joe Osejo

DJ Mr. Leonard on the 1’s & 2’s | Source Joe Osejo

Now that’s what I call a picnic | Source Joe Osejo


Joey & her smile were in full demand | Source Joe Osejo


Look at Kendall on his John Turturro Steez. Love it! | Source Devoya Mayo

The Ladies of HBG: Kim, Monique & Joy! | Source Devoya Mayo

The Babies of HBG | Eva & Jones


The Brotha’s of HBG D. Butler & Mr. Leonard in the house! | Source Devoya Mayo

It really was a beautiful day. There are lots more photos and if you have Facebook I encourage you to head on over to our page and check them out. Special HBG love goes out to Deanna Cope for creating the most beautiful Welcome sign ever! We’re gonna use it again next year, and the year after that, and well…you get it. I also have to thank her for the ode to the ladybug picnic appetizers. I almost cried when I walked in and saw them.

Gotta give some love to Shannon Hunter (for helping behind the scenes with HBG water swag and set-up) the girl is in the midst of planning a wedding and yet, there she was. Ms Ome Lopez allowed me to use her beautiful home and backyard ( Picaflor) for the occasion. I can not thank her enough. She always understands. Mr Leonard graciously provided background sounds the entire time, which I feel helped make it all come together.

Last but not least I have to thank every single person who joined us for the afternoon. I don’t often explain how important certain things are to me, but I tried to convey that with this event. Those of you who took the time to come and share the same space with me on my favorite day, honoring my favorite lady, well you just all have a special place in my heart. I wanted to say it that during the event but my heart was so full I didn’t want to risk it all by crying from a happy place. Super love shout to my sister Lamonica for joining us and for bringing my niece Eva with her. Family is important. I love y’all so much. Imma stop now…. you probably know why.

one day


Devoya Mayo is Co-Creator of The Happy Black Girl

Get To Know An HBG is her favorite column to write.

You can contact her directly at


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