HBG End of Summer Picnic

The original HBG of them all (for me) was my Grandma Pearson, also known as (the ladybug). The ladybug didn’t believe in celebrating birthdays, but all her grandkids would quietly bring her food (mostly pies from Marie Callender’s) during her birth month of October. She loved it too. Sadly, this will be the first year that we don’t have the pleasure of dropping by unannounced, with random food for impromptu feasts with her.

yogi would blush

Now that’s a Picnic Basket

It is for this reason, that I decided to host an HBG End of Summer Picnic in October. It would be an honor to have folks who want to break bread with other good people all gathered in one place on a Sunday. Plus it’s time I shared all the site info about the HBG with folks in person anyway. It will be like an almost birthday celebration for a lady who preferred to celebrate life everyday.

join us

Hosting a Picnic is fun & easy | Gather people add food and go!

Ome Lopez of (Dulce UPfront) has agreed to allow us to host the event in her darling backyard, which she lovingly refers to as Picaflor. We’ll have a few tables and chairs & pie of course. But mostly we want folks to pack themselves a picnic, put it in a basket, grab lawn chairs and blankets and then come join us at Picaflor.

Our newest contributor Christy Packard ( Pink Stitches ) will be part of the meet and greet team as well as myself and our biggest hbg fan Joy Graves. We’ll keep it pretty low key for the most part. Music is the only really added component to the afternoon other than fellowship. We’ll talk a little about who we are and what we’re trying to accomplish but that’s about it.

We’ll have HBG Merchandise for sale and Pink Stitches will have some sweet treats out as well. Last but hardly least we’ve also hired our friend and photographer Joe Osejo to come and document the afternoon too. So to recap…we’re hosting a picnic and we want you to join us! If you don’t live in Fresno and like this idea we encourage you to host one of your own. We can help by sending you our handy event organizing cheat sheet and any other materials you think you might need. All that we ask is that you document it by taking a few pics/ video and sending them our way.

We’ll send you a thank you card in the mail and everything! See how classy we can be? Hahaha.

See you next month at the Picnic!



HBG End of Summer Picnic | Design By: Valerie Scott


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