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Hey Everybody! It’s me Christy! Or as they call me around HBG headquarters, Pink Stitches. I’m officially part of the team here, hosting my own column called “Notions & Pink Stitches” Notions are any small tools or accessories used in sewing. I thought since we don’t know each other very well yet, it might be cool to start things off with some remixed posts from my current personal blog. So let’s get to it! I call this one

Blazer & Shorts Ensemble

Good afternoon good people!

Well I finally finished the blazer & shorts ensemble I’ve been stalking on Pinterest. I don’t care for the “fashions” folks wear nowadays. I didn’t like the majority of it,  when it was introduced to me the first time around either. For instance, leg warmers and tights. Umm… No. Just No!

Didn’t like Leg Warmers in the 80’s | Like them even less now.

But  this new blazer trend is just too cute. I don’t care for the “panty shorts” that blazer’s  are often paired with though. At  least that’s what I call ‘em because they are waaaaayyyy to short to be considered anything else. But I  like the patterns for matching blazer and short outfits I’ve been seeing, so I took to my stash.

Just in case you’ve ever wondered about what the terms blazer and jacket mean and if they’re the same we did a little research for you. Here’s what Merriam Webster Dictionary had to say on the subject.

  • Blazer : a jacket that is worn over a shirt and that looks like a suit jacket but is not part of a suit-
  • Jacket  :  a garment for the upper body usually having a front opening, collar, lapels, sleeves, and pockets- (same as above).

Now I had some fabric I was initially going to use for a regular blazer but of course my life is NEVER regular, there’s always a twist and my sewing is no exception. I read the back of the pattern I’d just copped and it called for knit. I had the stretch gauge and everything. I didn’t think about making a blazer out of knit fabric, but I learned a while ago that if the pattern says use knit, you had better use knit.

I chose a  floral brown and green knit fabric that worked like a charm for both pieces. I made Butterick #B5926 View A for the jacket and Simplicity #1617 for the shorts. I just so happened to have bought both of them right before my obsession for the ensemble started.

patterns for jacket and shorts

This ensemble marks two firsts for me.  Up to this point I’d never made a jacket or shorts or pants for that matter before. Thankfully they all came together pretty easily. I got to practice my button and buttonholes again.  I had to attach two. I enjoyed making this jacket and I know I’ll make several more just because they fit so well.

Sometimes I measure and sometimes I don’t. Most patterns usually fit without issues.  If they end up too big I take them in. If they are too small, I give the garment I make to my baby girl. WIN, WIN. I think I did super dee duper (in my Barney voice) my nephew used to love Barney when he was a little tike. While other folks seem to have problems with them, my best advice is to pin, pin, pin. It may look a little compulsive but the sleeve will stay where you put it really nicely when you do it right.

I went all designer on the shorts and added ruffles on the back. I just wanted an excuse to try ruffles and it worked perfectly. I had to add some MsKRS kinda designer effect. I also had to take my shorts out a bit in the booty area. I couldn’t be walking around all day with a “Murphy” feeling uncomfortable! Hahahahaha! After I did that they fit like a glove. *** editors note- I can’t stand a murphy!!!! they are the worst***

My first Blazer & Shorts Ensemble

I also added a couple inches to the shorts as they were a little too short for me originally. I also eliminated all the top stitching on the jacket and shorts because it seemed like the fabric was busy enough on its own.

Fresh right?

You can ask me about my bag, tank top, and necklace if you’re interested. I’d be more than happy to talk about them too. Oh waitI’m rambling again LOL. Before I go have any of you been stalking a Fall/ Winter look that you just can’t seem to stop thinking about? What about all the new sewing notions that are arriving in the fabric stores? Whadaya think? Share with me! Until then talk to you good folks soon! ~~MsKRS~~






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