West Side Girl

Okay…how did I miss this??? Nevermind, It don’t matter. What does matter though is I just found it. Maybe this is old news to some, but I had no idea Bilal made a short film to go along with the song West Side Girl from his recent release A Love Surreal.

My man Easu Macgraw co-stars in this joint too. It’s funny in parts, a little flat in others, but it’s only 11 mins and some change so i’m asking you to set aside some time and peep it. Once you have, please please leave your comments below. That’s all I feel compelled to say until after we start a dialogue about this. If no one feels moved to start the conversation I will kindly keep my opinion to myself. But I think it deserves a little chat at the very least. Okay…GO!!!! devoya





West Side Girl ( A Love Surreal)

Hey, how you doing
I’ve been watching you, getting down
From the way you’re moving
You look like you’re from the west side part of town, girl
You ain’t gotta talk or lick, body talk a lot of shit
Got one question
Could you roll with a kid like me
I could take you where you wanna go
We where the wind blows
Got one question
Could you roll with a kid like me

Uh, look like you took your good shoes off the shelf
Look like you took your good shoes off the shelf
And you shine, so bright
That I could only see you and nobody else
I could only see you and nobody else, girl
Hey, how’d you do it?
You got me back up, on my 90’s kick, yeah
Baby, baby, talking bout the girl it’s poison
Well if the devil wears prada this is hell!
girl, it gets hot when you come close to me
Love, love, potion me
Burn like 51, I think it’s so much fun girl
Got you right here with me
No place I’d rather be
You could my number one
You look like so much fun, girl

Uh, look like you took your good shoes off the shelf
You know what to do
Shine, so crazy, you know how to groove
My type, my type, my type girl
My type girl, just my type of girl, yeah
Just my type of girl, my type of girl
Just my type of girl, my type of girl.

Written By: Stephen Bruner, A. Collins, J. Collins, Shafiq Husayn, Bilal Oliver

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