Summer’s Almost Over!

Have I told y’all how much I love autumn? I mean like love love. The colors, the clothes, the crisp morning air when I wake up. I am such a good woman when there’s a nice breeze involved. I’m just speakin the truth here. My brother Keith lives by the motto that it ain’t braggin if it’s true. Word.

Daydreaming about my favorite of all the seasons keeps me centered. By that I mean it keeps me from committing crimes and generally wild n’ out during summer. Maybe I’m exaggerating, maybe I’m not. I can’t say for sure, but I can say that’s it’s taken some effort for me to get involved, get out and to do somethin in this sweltering valley I call home.

In the last couple of month’s I’ve left the house a few times though. Mostly because you can’t hide from the sun, no matter how hard you try, but also because I’m a social butterfly by nature. In my effort to be less on my honeycomb hideout tip, I thought I’d show you a few things as proof. Alright alright, that’s a lie. It was suggested that I need to show my face more often so folks identify the site with the creators. So, as the great children’s storyteller Slick Rick say’s, here we go…

Bilal @ Fulton 55 | Nae Alma | Me | Kay Rich|  Ms Amanda | June 2013

In June Bilal paid Fresno a visit. I know right?! I was kind of surprised too. Whenever I have the opportunity to see him perform live I pounce on it. I suggest this to everyone, as he is just an amazing vocalist and highly underrated by most. But that’s just my personal feelings on the subject. Mmm Hmm. If you haven’t heard his latest album may I also suggest checkin that out as well. It’s aptly titled A Love Surreal. It’s been in rotation for months in the car. That’s my true test. If it has ride ability it’s a winner.

In late June came a mad dash to Oakland for a show at Yoshi’s featuring my love Dwele, which you can read about here. July also brought with it the promise of closing dj set for a show headlined by TONY ALLEN during the 1st annual Catacomb Party. Well…Bradley & I practiced like fiends. We scoured our collective record collections for all our favorite Afro influenced sounds, but in the end we got bumped due to time constraints. Y’all know how we found out? We looked at our watches that’s how. No one ever physically told us they wouldn’t have time for us. WHOMP WHOMP. I put on my bestest daishiki (yes, bestest) curled my hair and braved 107 degree heat all in the hopes of being in the presence of TONY ALLEN. But it was not to be. I try and take setbacks in stride though.

catacomb party

Me taking a setback in stride with the help of Tioga- Sierra Brewing Company | July 2013 Catacomb Party | Source Dave Walke

I’ve also been able to spend time with my niece Eva this summer too. Well, not as much as I would like, but I’ve really tried to think outside the box and do things on the fly. One afternoon she had her mom call me at work. She asked if I wanted to come over after work and hang out in her backyard and maybe have a tea party. My girl is 3 going on 4, how could I anything but yes? Now that I think about it, that was the beginning of our summer of impromptu picnics. Sometimes we have them in her backyard, sometimes in my courtyard or the park. She’s the inspiration for the idea of hosting an HBG end of summer picnic too. Which reminds me, I better start planning that soon.

Impromptu Picnic w/Eva @ Roeding Park | August 2013

I can’t remember what else I’ve been doing lately. I’m bad like that. Plus my documentation skills leave more to be desired. I feel like I’m missing a couple of things though. Ughh! I just remembered AfroSensations! Maybe I’ll just post some pics from the event in question down below? Cool? Cool. Anyway I promise I’m working on getting better at all these things. Somethin tells me autumn will help with that too. I hope you all enjoy what’s left of summer wherever you are.devoya


(L to R) Me & Jay before he jetted | Mezcal as Music is a Weapon | Fela Alter @ Fulton 55 | Me & Brodie before he jetted too


















one day


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