Get To Know An HBG ( Happy Black Girl)

Folks stay talking about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Once a week, we take a different approach and highlight the fascinating array of happy black girls and guys (hbg’s) we know and love. Sometimes we feature those we admire from afar as well. It’s our humble attempt at sharing the wealth of information that comes our way about great people.

Today I’m delighted to introduce y’all to Ms Delene Richburg. If I’m not mistaken we met a few years ago in San Diego. She’s the kind of woman you see smile from across the room and a part of you just knows she’d be an HBG. Not only is her smile infectious but so is her laugh. She’s relatable, fun and smart and when you leave the room she doesn’t suddenly switch it up and become a different person. In other words she doesn’t cater to the parts of you that are similar just to make you feel good. She really is just genuinely kind. Professionally speaking Delene’s a Neonatologist, a pediatric sub-specialist that takes care of hospitalized newborns. Most of her patients are babies that were born prematurely “preemies”, but she also provides care for regular full term newborns as well. Wanna know more about this HBG? Well, sit back and get to know her.devoya


Ms Delene | Color Run SF

1. Please tell the readers, who you are, where you’re from, stay, dwell, kick itwhatever. Hi my name is Delene, and I’m a Pisces. I spent most of my formative years in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. I’ve bounced around a bit since my younger days and now I call San Francisco home. 

2. Do you wake up happy? Most days yes. I start my day taking a few deep breaths and saying a prayer. 

3. What’s your 1st line of action when you’re happy and it unexpectedly gets high jacked? Taking a moment to breathe and get some fresh air.

4Five things in your HBG “I’m gone be alright” Survival Kit.

  1. A quick run or walk around the neighborhood
  2. Lavender bubble bath
  3. A good song , lately it’s been an upbeat Stevie tune like As.
  4. Candles
  5. Warm tea

Tea & Crumpets yo. Tea & Crumpets | Source Ms Delene

5Tell us a little bit about any current projects you might be involved in. The only other project I’m working on outside of training for my first ½ marathon is purging my closet of unnecessary fashions from decades past… hahaha

6. Share something you think the 12 year old HBG version of yourself would appreciate about you now. I’ve had some pretty cool opportunities to travel (South America Central America and AFRICA!)  and work with amazing people and organizations.

7. In your opinion, how important is the company you keep? Very very extraordinarily important.

HBG Shine Time | Post Dwele Show in San Diego 2011


8. Anyone ever give you the side eye because they didn’t get you?  Or just plain wasn’t ready for you? Details… Details! Yep… it happens i have been misunderstood. I tend to brush it off and keep moving. 

9. Any upcoming events etc that you’re involved in that you’d like to share with the folks? Running has become a new pastime that I never would have imagined that I would embrace. I was pretty much the antithesis of sporty in high school. My extra-curricular activities back in the day consisted of the orchestra and theater (some may say I was a nerd J ). Something about living in San Francisco inspired me to bust out of the house and get my body moving.  I think the density of the city pushed me to seek the outdoors as refuge.  After conversations with one of my good friends, I decided to join with her in running our first ½ marathon. Gladys  lost her mother 10 years ago to leukemia. This year we will run the Nike Women’s ½ Marathon to celebrate her mother’s life and legacy. October 20, 2013 is the date. Official training commences in August. For more details about the process check my fundraising page out:

10. Last but never leastany final comments and or shout outs? Shout out to all the Happy Black Girls and Happy Black Guys out there. Let’s continue to create and share our own stories!

Happy Black Girl’s Jump at the Sun| Source Ms Delene








one day

Devoya Mayo is Co-Creator of The Happy Black Girl

Get To Know An HBG is her favorite column to write.

You can contact her directly at



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