Notions & Pink Stitches: Why I keep sewing to myself

Pink Stitches w/ a basket full of notions | Source Christy Packard

Hey Everybody! It’s me Christy! Or as they call me around HBG headquarters, Pink Stitches. This is my first week here on the team. Once a week (to start) I’ll be hosting my own column called “Notions & Pink Stitches”. Notions are any small tools or accessories used in sewing, catchy right?  I thought since we don’t know each other very well yet, it might be cool to start things off with some remixed posts from my current personal blog.

Oh don’t worry, I asked the sista’s here what they thought about it first, so don’t go thinkin I’m trying to get over. Never that. Anyway, here’s one I wrote earlier this summer about my new love of sewing and why I don’t reach out to others in the industry about it too much. Maybe now that I’m here with you all, that will change? I need some folks. You know what I mean? Okay, let’s get started already!-

I’m home checking out the Fantastic Four movie for the first time and I must say I didn’t know it was this cool! I may have to add it to my collection and watch it on my own, because I caught it part way through and that’s a no-no. From the movie information (I have Comcast) some kinda cosmic reaction caused them to change, very cool.

Now to get around to one of the reasons I keep sewing to myself


I’ve been sewing for a short time. Literally only since October 2011; well besides my sewing class I took in high school as an elective. So when I got into sewing I found a couple of favorite people who were already BIG WIGS. As a new kid on the block I didn’t expect that much interaction from them because they seemed involved in so many things. I mean really BUSY.

When I read their blogs and other posts a lot of their happenings aren’t even sewing related; people often forget that folks do have families and a NORMAL life. Then the other ladies that I like to read about are either more my senior or just generally different. I read about quilters (and I don’t even quilt), bag ladies, candle makers, soapers, and some mo’, but every single time I try and reach out to those that are similar it’s the same as it’s always been; not so good.

I don’t understand the itchiness between people and why they feel the need to form some kind of invisible, uninvited competition between one another.  But I can’t and won’t ignore that I feel it, see it, and know it’s going on and it hurts my feelings.

People act as if they would like to see someone else doing something good, but not everyone is honest when they say it. It generally sounds “good” and what’s most annoying to me is they think no one can see what they’re doing. Its like don’t even try to play with my intelligence…don’t even try it.

Okay rant over…
Now remember when I posted about my pattern less halter top and maxi skirt? Well, I just used my measurements and sewed em up.  I participated in a focus group the other day and I decided to wear that outfit. It’s the second time I wore that ensemble but my camera was on the fritz and I didn’t get photos.  However; I did get a little girl’s attention and she said “I like your outfit”. Now you know I had to hold her attention for a minute and inform her that she could have some cool outfits too if she knew how to sew.

A Pink Stitches original in shades of blue | Source Christy Packard

She told me she didn’t know if she could sew or not.  She had a pretty smile when she said it and seemed to be genuinely intrigued (which to me that meant she never tried, but probably could if only she tried) and of course I told her she should give it a go. We parted ways and I silently hoped she might pick up sewing one day. Or at the very least keep it in the back of her mind for a rainy day. Gosh I love sewing and any opportunity to talk about it (smile).

I felt kinda weird in the focus group I mentioned earlier. Mostly due to the dreaded double sided window, where the facilitators can see us but we can’t see them. It was the first focus group I had ever participated in. I actually didn’t know it was that kind of meeting, but no matter.

The host for the group even recorded the meeting, which spun me out I tell you what! But in the end we were all rewarded with a super cool Tie-Dye Kit in Tropical colors and a gift card for Target,  and anybody that is close to me knows I LOVE TARGET! Okay well let me go because I can always ramble on and on LOL!  I’ll talk to you good people again soon. Happy to be with you all! ~~MsKRS~~

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