Meet Pink Stitches!

Guess what? We’ve added a new member to the HBG team! Meet Pink Stitches, or as we like to call her around HBG headquarters, Christy Packard. If you’ve been following the site you might remember that we recently featured Christy in our Get to Know an HBG column. Never mind that the response to the interview was the single most visited blog post that week, but she also actively supportes/promotes the entire movement. We take those efforts to heart around here. So naturally when we decided we needed to inject more Do-It-Yourself ( D.I.Y) projects to the site, she was the first person that came to mind.

As the newest Contributor, Christy (Pink Stitches) will provide a fourth voice to the team, which currently includes Devoya Mayo, Starr Lopez and Valerie Scott. With her love of sewing, creating, and telling it like it is, it was pretty much gonna happen eventually. Word.

pink stitches

Sewing supplies & an HBG Smile = Pink Stitches Photo by Christy Packard

So please join us in welcoming the newest member of the HBG Team Ms Christy Packard A.K.A Pink Stitches!!!




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