HBG Favorite Things this Summer List

These are a few of my favorite things…

Favorite Things Photo Gallery | Design By: Devoya Mayo

Top Row:

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish: Oh man…last year my friend Deanna bought me this cute red make-up bag full of products from Fresh. Sure she bought it because it said fresh on the outside, but damn if that stuff hasn’t been among my favorite products ever since. If you enjoy the feeling of smooth skin just out of the shower, I recommend you investigate this body polish. You’ll thank me later.

Honey By Marc Jacobs: Deanna is also responsible for introducing me to this new scent from Marc Jacobs. She had a sample and thought it smelled a little too sweet. I don’t mind smellin sweet myself. Plus y’all know I love me some Bee’s! I use it sparingly, as it’s only a sample. Plus I can’t have ALL the bee’s following me for my honey, now I can I?

Recycled Bottles: I’ve taken a liking to saving bottles,throwing an HBG sticker on them and adding flowers. It’s my niece Eva’s new favorite thing too. She prefers straws and apple juice in her bottles though.

Recycled Bottle Love | Photo By: Devoya Mayo

Bottom Row:

Impromptu Picnics: My niece Eva and I have been all about picnic’s lately. Never anything over the top, just whatever we feel like might be tasty and fun. It’s definitely been a favorite summer activity. Recently though, out of the blue she asked if I had a basket. I knew at that moment that my girl wanted our picnics to look more the part. So when I rock lunch on the solo I pack food in these take out boxes, but when I’m with my best girl, I put everything in a real picnic basket.

Impromptu Picnic with Ms Eva | Photo By: Devoya Mayo

Monthly Expense Tracker: I know this sounds crazy but I like knowing where, when and how I spend my dough. I had one of the these trackers about 4 years ago. I used it religiously and then I got it in my head that it was a waste of money and that I could just use a notepad. But I saw this new version at Target last weekend and I’ve been daydreaming about it ever since. My rule is if I daydream about a potential purchase days later, it’s worth the investment.

Iced Coffee: My coffee game has been super nice lately. I think it has something to do with my method. Ice in a mason jar, milk immediately following, coffee and then a splash of vanilla creamer. Add lid and shake.

Milky Way Midnight Dark: I only picked up one of these because the packaging was cute. But one bite and it was over. Dark chocolate is seriously underrated.

There ya have it. My personal list of current favorite things. I encourage you all to make one, then share it with us! Gotta get my list fix from somewhere! – devoya



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