The Richmond Mural Project

Aniekan - 205 East Marshall Street,  Richmond, VA

Street Artist Aniekan | Richmond, VA

My little hometown of Richmond, VA is growing increasingly cool with each passing year.  Some of my favorite music artists are visiting the city, new restaurants are popping up, and (finally) the art scene is booming!  Take for instance the Richmond Mural Project.

The Richmond Mural Project brings together some of the best street artists from around the world to create over 100 murals within the next five years.  Its main mission is to make Richmond, VA one of the top destinations for Murals in the United States. Last year, 23 murals were completed as part of the G40 Art Summit. While this year, 20 murals have gone up in various places around the city. As someone who has always had a mild obsession with street art and graffiti, I couldn’t be happier to see these murals go up. I’m always looking forward to new art in the city.

Just like last year, I dedicated a full weekend to just riding around downtown Richmond, hopping out of the car all Erykah Badu guerrilla style, and taking pictures of these amazing works of art. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Aniekan Udofia | 205 E. Marshall Street.  Richmond, VA

Aniekan Udofia | 205 E. Marshall Street – Richmond, VA

Aniekan Udofia | 535 North 2nd Street.  Richmond, VA.

Aniekan Udofia | 535 North 2nd Street – Richmond, VA.

D.C. native Aniekan Udofia pays homage to Richmond’s historic neighborhood Jackson Ward with his colorful and vibrant murals.  Once called the “Harlem of the South” and the “Black Wall Street of America”, Jackson Ward was a center for both black commerce and entertainment.  It was the home of many black leaders and entrepreneurs like Maggie L. Walker and John Mitchell Jr.  It is also the home of the historic Hippodrome Theater which was frequented by the likes of Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Lena Horne, Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday and many more.  Aniekan Udofia’s murals capture the essence of that time in our city’s history.

Greg Mike | 2600 West Main Street - Richmond, VA

Greg Mike | 2600 West Main Street – Richmond, VA

Sonni | 2907 West Cary Street - Richmond, VA

Sonni | 2907 West Cary Street – Richmond, VA

Angry Woebots | 2416 West Cary Street - Richmond, VA

Angry Woebots | 2416 West Cary Street – Richmond, VA

Etam Cru |1011 W. Grace Street - Richmond, VA

Etam Cru |1011 W. Grace Street – Richmond, VA

For a complete list of participating artists and photos of their murals, be sure to visit Richmond Mural Project.  And if you’re ever make it down south, be sure to check out some of these beauties in person! – Valz



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