Gimme Some Books Contest!

Each of us here at the HBG has a thing about books. Meaning we all love them! This past weekend on a discount store run, I spied a few books with black folks on the cover in the clearance aisle.

Now, I know some folks might find that insignificant, but around my way it’s like finding a proper Soul Food spot, they come and go quickly, so while they’re around you better enjoy em. As such I swooped up all four of the remaining black romance novels in question. Now here’s the other thing. I don’t really dig romance novels ( of any particular genre). I‘m not hatin, I just can’t suspend my disbelief long enough to enjoy them is all. Don’t even get me started on the names of the characters involved…Drake, Gavin, Sinclair…C’mon now. Anyway, I’d love to share them with you readers so here’s what you need to do.

For the next month we’ll host a  weekly contest. If you win said contest, you’ll get a book, an HBG button & sticker and a packet of delicious tea. No way am I going to suggest people make time for a quick pick me up like reading without including tea in the mix. This week I’ve decided to give away “Again, My Love”  By Kayla Perrin. The book description is as follows:

How do you hide a broken heart? As a successful actress, Marcia Robertson should know. She’s had plenty of practice. Four years ago, her lover Gavin Williams forced her to choose between their life together and her life in front of the cameras. Marcia’s dreams were shattered. She never imagined that her greatest love would end so bitterly.

But did it end? When Gavin suddenly reappears, Marcia’s perfect world is thrown into turmoil. Not only has she found a new leading man to share in her passions, but she’s unsure that she can ever trust Gavin again. Especially since she is holding on to a deep and painful secret. Now Marcia must face the most difficult choices of all–between the two men in her life and the elusive role she has chosen to play. . . .

Win “Again, My Love” with Tea and HBG Swag.

If you’d like a chance at winning this week’s book take a guess at how many buttons we placed inside this cute jar we tagged with our sticker. The person with the correct ( or close to it without going over) answer wins! Super easy low key type contests rule.

Leave your answer in the comment section and check back on Friday August 2nd 2013 at 5pm (Pacific) to find out if you’ve won. Here’s a few additional photos to give you a better glimpse at what’s in the jar.

What time is it? Button countin time. That’s what!

Don’t worry. If you don’t win a button you can buy one in our on-line store!

Please remember to “like” us on Facebook / Follow us on Twitter. – devoya


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