On the Bus w/Dwele

I caught this yesterday over on Dwele’s Instagram and almost fell out. Not just because this woman looks scared and has no idea she’s in an airport shuttle with a Grammy Nominated Artist (although I doubt she’d even care) but because of the look Dwele gives the camera once he recognizes her fear.

You know the look I’m talking about. That look we all give each other in crowded waiting rooms, elevators, classrooms and other crammed spaces when we are few and are looked upon as a potential risk. We might not even know one another, but we give that all knowing glance to the other black person in the room, some form of solidarity in an uncomfortable situation. It’s often the only comfort we have access to. Why oh why must I sit, stand or simply just “be” here in this space with you and allow your fright to hinder my actions? When JT ( sitting directly behind Dwele) goes in and dances behind him I love it! That moment of not caring to buy into another persons issues is perfect. Just perfect.

Dwele’s subject line read as follows: These white people look so uncomfortable on this shuttle to the hotel. The driver/Dj is going in straight off the iPhone. That’s all and that’s it my friends. Fareals. – devoya

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