HBG Quick Pick Me Up


This is not my sammich. Photo courtesy of Free Range Stock

So…I’m currently on my lunch break. I’m at my desk doin damage to a ham and cheese sammich with extra pickles and mustard because that’s the way I like it. I’m also composing a post on list-making. While doing all this, I drift off into daydreaming about some of my favorite HBG quick pick me ups. I feel like y’all wouldn’t mind if I shared them here from time to time, so to start things off, here’s a teaser. Just for fun. Oh wait…I said teaser! Wacka wacka…



Afternoon Tea!

Doesn’t matter if you like Starbucks or if you have tea bags stashed somewhere in your desk drawer next to all your favorite sharpies. Just seek out a small space for you and your stuff. Make it feel nice by putting all your  treats out on display. Doesn’t matter if you use them or not. The presentation alone can sometimes even give you a lift.

Now take the next 20 minutes for yourself and make em count. Sure, most people claim to take 15 minute breaks but I keeps it real and own my 20 minutes. For added enjoyment don’t use any gadgets while you indulge in your me time. No checking your phone, no social media, just you and your tea. Trust me, the quiet time will do you good. Those healing properties in your tea will too. Anyway, just felt like sharing. Feel free to share some of your quick pick me ups too. The comments section likes it when you visit- Devoya

Teapot and glass

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