Kind Souls & Wooden Hearts

Jeremy Kurtti is a kind soul. That’s exactly the way I’d describe him if someone were to ask about him. Next I would add that he’s an artist. That is to say, when people inquire about those they can’t figure out from first glance, I never lead with the obvious. It’s too easy, and rarely ever the whole picture. At least it’s always felt that way to me. I could easily list a plethora of gifted, kind souls who also happen to be artists who occasionally go misunderstood, but in the interest of time let’s just focus on Jeremy for the time being shall we?

Last week, over on facebook he posted a photo of a wooden heart. I’ve always been drawn to hearts that are imperfect, out of alignment or a little rough around the edges. That last statement probably speak volumes about my love life but it’s the truth. A perfectly shaped red heart is alright, but give me a heart slightly left of center and you will see me smile from the inside out. Anyway, Jeremy posts this photo with the following caption:

wooden heart

I was allowed to make this when chopping wood at my sister, Melissa’s. My niece, Krista, pointed it out. I didn’t even notice! I probably would’ve burned it!

Because he’s an artist, I foolishly decided that he must have modified it. But I continued to admire it as the days went by. Then I finally decided to just ask him if he in fact created the heart himself. The conversation went a little somethin like this…

jeremy kurtti

This is Jeremy looking for inspiration or maybe just having coffee.

Me: So, on this wooden heart. Was it already shaped like that? Did you modify it?

Jeremy: Well I just split it once and didn’t notice that it resembled a heart until my niece pointed it out! Fucking. Magic. If I never “make” another thing in my life this will stand as testament to the power of love. I’m going to make a series of prints from the impression and possibly make a mold of it and make more of them into cookie jars!


Me: You better stop playin with me Jeremy!!!!!!!!!! Cookie Jars????!!!!!!  Maaannn cookies are my weakness! I freakin love this too much!

Jeremy: I don’t play with food lol The “stump” is about 10″ tall and the perfect size and shape for a container…what else but a cookie jar?! Just makes sense. The first editions will come with the print. Need to get it done before next Valentine’s though!

See what I mean? When something like this happens my friends and I call it a cosmic love note. In other words, it’s no accident. It happened exactly how it was supposed to go down and you’ve been called to act accordingly. When Jeremy get’s his ideas in a row and launches a funding campaign to birth this idea to life, I’ll be first in line to donate. It goes without saying I promise to share all updates on this project here first so y’all can too. -devoya


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