Keep On Moving

"To the people of the world:  Music is our sanctuary.  We shall play on..." - Jazzy B.

“To the people of the world: Music is our sanctuary. We shall play on…” – Jazzie B.

Every Father’s Day, I fight the blues.  I miss my dad so much that it sometimes feels hard to breathe.  Three years have gone by since his passing and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him, miss him, and want him here with me.  I needed more time.  I wanted more time…

My pops was a cool dude.  He listened to Roy Ayers, Bob Marley, and Sam Cooke regularly.  However, whenever I hear the Soul II Soul classic “Keep On Moving”, I immediately think of him.  My mind goes back to a summer cook-out my family had in the early 90s. My dad picked me up as this song was playing and we sang and danced to it together.  It’s a great memory.  It’s one that I cherish.  It’s the little things that mean so much.

When I’m down, I create.  It brings me joy.  I created this image using the album cover from Soul II Soul’s 12′ record “Keep On Moving.”  The words, the image, and the entire feel of that record mean so much to me.

The thing about being happy, is that it’s a choice you have to make.  You have to decide every morning when you rise that to be happy.  You have to claim it and you have to own it.  It has to come from within and you have to let that be the one thing that no one can give or take away from you.  While I realize that it’s okay to  be sad from time to time, I have to keep on moving.  That’s what he would have wanted me to do.  I will always miss him, but can’t even put into words, how happy I am that I had him.  He was one of the best.  -Valz

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