This is what we hoped for

We feel like it might be time to share some behind the scenes stuff with y’all. First some background on who we are. There are three happy black girls (hbg’s) involved in creating this site Devoya Mayo, Starr Lopez and Valerie Scott. You can browse the About Us section for more insight, but honestly we kept it pretty short and sweet. Each of us decides independently what we wanna write about and when. We don’t have the ability to add a byline to entry posts so at the end of each one you’ll see the name of the hbg who created it.

We’ve all been mad busy behind the scenes working on content as well as upcoming workshops, potential sponsors ( if you know someone give us a shout) and merchandise. In addition to all that we’ve also actively been courting others to contribute to the site. We created a section called Speak On It where we soon hope to host guest bloggers galore. We got folks like Delene Richburg, Marissa Butler, Deanna Cope, Armen Nalbandian, Mia Birdsong and Joshua of Velvet Kente already signed up to contribute, assist and help build the movement! Mmm Hmm.

Early on, when we decided we wanted to do this, Starr and I were continually asked one question over and over again. “What do you hope to gain from this?” I’m not sure if our answers were ever poignant enough but a few weeks ago, shortly after our launch, the answer arrived.

Stella Birdsong enjoying an afternoon in NOLA. Photo via Mia Birdsong

Our friends Nino Moschella and Mia Birdsong are the proud parents of a lovely child named Stella. When we began the site I sent out small hbg treats as sort of a teaser. I added some of those treats to a birthday card I sent Mia and as it turns out she then shared them with her daughter. Apparently Stella was so inspired by it all that she went on to create the lovely piece displayed at the bottom of this post.



HBG Stella with Beignets from Cafe Du Monde. Photo via Mia Birdsong


When I called Starr to tell her about it we both had the same reaction. If nothing else EVER resulted from this endeavor, this is completely worth it! Stella is what we hoped to gain. A 7 year old created a piece of art depicting happy black girls and our hearts exploded!  In our world we like to think it has a little something to do with sending her mama a button with a brown girl on it. We see no shame in that. It’s what we hoped for but were unable to convey. I think about it ALL the time. I can’t keep it to myself and believe it just happens everyday. I gotta continue to help make sure it happens. I think we all do.

So that’s who we are and why we’ll be here for awhile. If you’d like to help, do us the honor of commenting,  coming back and or sharing this site with others. You can also “like” us on the book and follow us on Twitter. If not for us, for hbg’s like Stella. Oh oh oh…she inspires too. Just check out this beautiful song her dad wrote. Thank you~devoya

Original Art via Stella Birdsong.




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