Khalil Joseph: In the Cut

 In the Cut

Khalil Jospeh: Filmmaker

AccoladesGrand Jury Prize for Short Films 2012 Sundance Film Festival

Los Angeles based Filmmaker Khalil Joseph seriously get’s it. He does not shy away from emotion in his work, rather he embodies it. He and his “What Matters Most” cohorts have amassed some of the best short films of the last decade in my personal opinion. That kind of inspiration is what led to creating this column.


Photo via What Matters Most

In the Cut refers to something difficult to find but worth the effort. We’ll highlight artists under this umbrella that fit such criteria to a fault. Joseph was our first choice even before we started the site. After seeing his work with Seu Jorge (see below) he quickly became the bench mark for the kind of artist we’d like to see more of. From movement, people, placement, sounds, space, odd camera shots and stark yet beautiful visuals, his work is a treasure trove from start to finish. I won’t keep trying to explain it though, I’ll let y’all experience it for yourselves. -devoya

Here’s a sample from the What Matters Most catalog // The Model featuring the coolest man on the planet Seu Jorge.