An Open Letter to Pessimists

4 leaf clovers are real

Photo Courtesy of : R. Admire ( we asked and everything).

An Open Letter to Pessimists: Guest Blogger R. Admire 

Y’all told me I wouldn’t find it. “It’s too dark” you said. “You’ve ridden too far”. “There’s nothing that important in it, don’t waste your time looking, just get a new one”. Well, all your words were a cacophony upon my ears, but the Good and Encouraging words of brother Tim Anthony said “Don’t let it get you down, I know you’ll find it.” The thread that Devoya Mayo wrapped her card in, now knotted on my wrist–a constant reminder of the Powerful Pulsing of Love in the Vein– told me to retrace my route. After sleeping off the frustration, and rising early, I found my wallet 12 miles later, run over many times. So pessimists- I encourage you to find a good friend, listen to their words, or even better, their tone, take a casual ceremony to tie a knot–it can be uplifting and encouraging. For those of you who wish to still swing the bat for the frownie faces, consider this a point for the Home Team. We’re Winning. 1-0.
P.S. They smashed my 4 leaf clover–hA!

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