The Barber Faction

My husband has always gone to Black barbershops. From the Pacific coast to Paris, his wavy hair and cow licks have yet to stump a brotha. Plus he’s always appreciated the shop talk, not to mention, I’m a sucker for the recap.

Sometimes I laugh when he comes home, shaking his head . . . “The fade is on point, but I forgot to remind them not to box me up. I didn’t want the box, I’m Mexican!” Nonetheless, he always looks fly.

This month his barber organized another So Cal Barber Battle Classic, presented by The Barber Faction. I’ve never been to one, but c’mon y’all, peep their posters and tell me you ain’t interested. Thought so. Come May 27th I’ll be at Queen Bee’s Arts & Cultural Center to witness such skills, with highlights to come in a follow-up post. Oh, and the beats selected for the video on their site: Gang Starr ‘Skills’. Yeah, I dig it. – Starr*, Happy Black Girl












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