The Happy Black Girl’s Are…

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Devoya Mayo enjoys lower case letters, impromptu naps, blustery afternoon writing sessions, a proper cocktail, rainy day playlists and Sundays.

By day she’s a mild mannered receptionist, by night she’s Ms Soulflower (the self proclaimed Queen Bee & Event Coordinator for The Soulflower Group).

Devoya is also a poet, former radio personality, playwright, dj, community organizer, crafter and proof that you can add as many commas after your name as you deem necessary. So long as you put in the work.

(Central Valley/ Northern California Office) 



HBGStarr*2Starr Lopez somehow seems to meet all her closest friends by way of the arts and solid music. Although raised in the Bay Area, she connected with HBG soulmate, Devoya, while living in the Central Valley. Starr now resides on the coast in beautiful SoCal, where she and her husband are surrounded by piles of music magazines and artistic works (painted, penned, and smeared) by family and dear friends. You can always find limes, and jars of local honey in her kitchen. The sweet and the sour.

Starr obtained her B.A. in Black Studies and Spanish Minor from Pomona College. She has been event organizing in contemporary art museums for the past 5 years, where
creative spaces are home.

(Southern California Office)


Valerie Scott feels like it really doesn’t take much to make her happy. She’s a twenty-something artist and vinyl junkie who spends most of her free time at her local record shop, hanging out with her two nieces, or painting pictures not only on canvas, but in her head as well.

She loves flowers, bright colors and anything that sparkles.  She was born and raised in the south, calling Richmond,Virginia home.

 (East Coast Office) 

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