Everybody walk ya body…

Image: DSC_0179, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from moelauher's photostream.

Image: DSC_0179, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from moelauher’s flickr photostream.

So it’s like this. The Surgeon General has a proposed call to action on walking.  Maybe it’s because she has that HBG look about her or maybe it’s because I rarely exercise and know I need to. All I know for sure is when she spoke, I listened and then decided almost immediately I had to act. Which is why I’m here with an HBG proposal that we all walk it out together!

As a single (and sometimes impatient ) woman, I’m not all that good at waiting. BUT…something tells me I need to listen to the experts on this one and wait to assemble a legit group of walking buddies. The accountability factor that goes along with group activities is pretty much priceless and something I rarely have at my disposal.

walk it out

So in an effort to do better, i’m gonna wait and try and do this the right way.

If you have the desire to join team HBG Walk it out please drop us a line at thehappyblackgirl@gmail.com. We’re currently scouting walkable locations here in Fresno, along with days of the week and times. We’ll post all the info here and on facebook once it’s a done deal, so check back often. Also, let me just put it out front that gender, color and or general demeanor have nothing to do with it. In other words, you ain’t gotta be a happy black girl to be down. Okay? Alright!

In the meantime your homework assignment is to grab yourself a glass of water ( y’all see how I added that healthy tip in right there) and watch the video that started us on this path to begin with. We hope it lights a fire underneath you too! ~ devoya


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