AfroFuturism curated by King Britt

Photo: King Britt, San Diego, 2012 (Starr Lopez)

I think it’s best I warn you of the impending AfroFuturism that is to come.  Last week we kicked things off with ‘The Afronauts‘ and now we’re dialing you in to King Britt’s Noise From the 18th Floor series contribution.

With their 1, 2, 3, 4, FIFF! (thanks, Dave) edition, The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage once again brings the heat with Noise from the 18th Floor. This series aims to expand one’s musical mind, by presenting sounds through a range of genres. This particular edition is curated by Dustin Hurt, the director of Philly organization, Bowerbird.



Photo: HBG Starr* & King Britt, San Diego, 2012 (Quetzalsol Chacón-Lopez)


For moi, the highlight is King Britt’s Cosmic Culture: A Sonic Journey Into AfroFuturism. Mixed and mastered, as only the King can, I invite you to settle down into the then, now, and future. –  Starr*, Happy Black Girl

P.S. The icing on this space cake are the embedded interviews with King Britt and Tracy Tanenbaum. This brotha from another planet will blow your mind!


Slider Photo: King Britt via SoundCloud

KingBrittCloud 2

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