The Bee & The Stamen . . . and the King

The flowers in my hood are are in bloom, and these itchy eyes and sneeze attacks are borderline torturous. All this carrying on means, happy springtime, ya’ll. And if I had a garden (and a green thumb), I’d get me some King Britt and get to planting.

The Bee & The Stamen is King Britt’s abstract audio representation of a bee’s trek in search of stamen (the pollen producing floral organ), ultimately culminating in cross pollination.


Photo: King Britt’s ‘The Bee & The Stamen’ (Data Garden)

Dope packaging by Data Garden comes in the form of a seed-paper album you can actually plant. The Bee & Stamen become gorgeous delicate blue lobelias.  Click here for purchasing details. – Starr*, Happy Black Girl


Photo: Better Homes
and Gardens, Blue Lobelia



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