Hip Hop & Yoga = Yes Yes Y’all.

photo courtesy of wholeliving.com

photo courtesy of wholeliving.com

The summer of 2010 was, as they say in the movies, magical. There was a sort of resurgence of good music and good food, and dope spaces in which to enjoy them equally. There also seemed to be a desire for our folks to get healthy. Some of us decided to take part in both aspects of this situation, by taking a Soul Survivor Road Trip to Oakland to check out a Black Star Reunion at the then newly renovated Fox Theater.

Before the show we dropped by Souley Vegan for some Tofu Fried Fish and Greens. We’ll talk more about that adventure in a separate post though.  Anyway, we were four girls and four guys ready for some Mos Def & Talib Kweli in every way but one.

Not one of us had taken the time to stretch before the show. None of us had even given stretching a thought. We’d all traveled together before, went to shows often, tried to eat right when we wasn’t eatin right & rest when we had nothing else planned.  But…age has a way of reminding you at the most inopportune moments that it is indeed the boss and you gotta be ready for its twists and turns at any given moment.

After leaving the show (dancing for three hours straight ain’t no joke) we were all a little worse for the wear. We made our way to the parking lot.  Each one of us walked with a slower pace than when we entered. I think it was my girl Estela who first whispered if I had any Ibuprofen. Next thing you know we’re all trading meds in the parking lot and stretching. No shame whatsoever. As we moved about someone mentioned that we’d all just had the dopest hip hop experience and then another person commented that we were now in the parking lot doing yoga. Thus the term Hip Hop Yoga was born. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we invented the term, just that we attached it to a moment with a meaning that we all resonated with.

In the years since I’ve tried to come up with something legit but everything seemed to fall short. Until recently that is. I asked a long time friend (who just happens to be a yoga instructor) out to lunch. Over a delicious plate of pupusas with extra curtido. I proposed a partnership whereby I would educate her on some classic hip hop and she would then translate this new knowledge into yoga practices. I’m probably not explaining the idea properly for fear of giving too much away, but the short answer is we’re creating a real Hip Hop Yoga course as we speak. Mad excited to share it with y’all. Currently putting together the materials that will go along with the course too. Check back with us from time to time to find out what we got in store for ya! – dm

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