Not kick, push. Just coasting.

The first surfer I met came in the form of an Eritrean scientist. His enthusiasm honestly caught me off guard, I mean when was the last time you saw, let alone heard of a Black surfer? Who knew these brothas even existed?

This encounter prompted me to explore what appeared to be an aberration. Yet he couldn’t be the only one . . . and as I quickly discovered, his wasn’t. A relatively recent documentary “White Wash” was proof positive, which discusses the history of Black surfers throughout the past several decades as well as their impact and experiences in a white dominated sport. Oh and it’s worth mentioning that the film is narrated by singer/songwriter Ben Harper and Illladelph lyricist Black Thought, with the original score by the one and only Roots crew. – Starr*, Happy Black Girl

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White Wash:
The Black Surfing Association:
Surfing in Liberia (beautiful stills)

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