Wrap it up b!

For Images as long as I can remember I’ve always loved me some presentation. Doesn’t matter if cheap nfl jerseys it’s a The bag I use to take my lunch to work in or the CD I’m wrapping for a birthday gift. I like it all to Soul speak for its self, to tell its own wholesale jerseys story.

Tracy Dere-Ruppel loves the art of wrapping gifts. Here's some of her handy work.

Tracy Dere-Ruppel loves the art of wrapping gifts. Here’s some of her handy work.

I also have a thing for details. As an Event Planner both quirks come in handy. I once had a woman tell me that she’d gone to an event she assumed I was in charge of. Once she looked around the place she immediately knew it wasn’t one of my joints simply based on the lack of presentation.  Wholesale Nike Seattle Seahawks Jerseys For me that was one of the best of compliments cheap nfl jerseys anyone could ever give.

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Table setting at a recent event.

Which brings me back to presentation. It can really make the final outcome all that much more golden if you do it right.  I have an unsightly hoard of beautiful paper, bags, boxes and assorted embellishments to prove it. Don’t get me Modelado wrong though, I’m not talking perfection, just kickin things up a little. If you haven’t already been bitten by the bug, I 日本傳統-摺紙體驗 invite you to try it on for size. Wrap something ordinary in an un-ordinary way for someone and then take note of the reaction. Go on…we dare ya. – dm

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