The Fresh Yard

Photo: Fresh Yard (Starr Lopez)

Photo: wholesale jerseys The Fresh Yard (Starr Lopez)

The Fresh Yard is a progressive streetwear shop Graff located mit in the North Park Welt! area of San Diego. New rotations of fresh gear, fly kicks, tight accessories and hip hop mixes cheap jerseys keep this spot ripe with the goods.

Bringing J-Live to San Diego in 2012 was entirely their Aspect doing. I celebrated my birthday that night at the show.  Orchestrating a pre-show meet and greet with one of the nicest emcees/DJ/Producer in cheap jerseys the biz, left Team this HBG more than satisfied.

Stay fresh! – Starr*, Happy Black Girl

Photo: HBG Starr* & J-Live (Quetzalsol Chacón-Lopez)

Photo: HBG Starr Lopez & J-Live (Quetzalsol Chacón-Lopez)


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